Pakistan’s Bad Relationship.

The PPP – PML (N) relationship reminds me, more often than not, of a bad relationship with one’s significant other. There is drama [NS walking out of Zardari House last night!], there is romance [Murree Declaration], there is passion [Yusuf Raza Gilani getting the vote of confidence] and then there is that biatch who wants your relationship to meet a sorry end so that they can swoop in [Farooq Naek and Rehman Malik!].

But all analogies to bad relationships aside, today’s declaration that the ruling parties will impeach the President is welcomed, but perhaps too late. On February 18th, the nation was joyous, and would have accepted perhaps any move against Musharraf that the winning parties would have announced. Things are very different today – inflation, increasing fuel prices, prolongued power cuts and the ongoing conflict in the tribal regions are pressing problems that need to be resolved.

But this is where our analogy stands true again. Y’know how in a relationship its easier to sweep your ongoing problems under the carpet [for example: where is this relationship going, why did we start going out in the first place, are you CHEATING on me] and blow up some insignificant issue [e.g: why didn’t you call me last night??!] instead? This is what the coalition has done – there is still no tangible move to restore the deposed judges or solve issues like poverty, education, healthcare or inflation. And if Musharraf really loses his shit tonight, these are the very issues he’s going to use as his justification to dissolve the assemblies under Article 58(2)B.

After all, this is the very President who imposed emergency rule in the country because he got tired of hearing the word ‘suo moto’.

And to top it off, the President’s birthday is on the same day that the National Assembly has been summoned for the impeachment motion.

Stay tuned for further drama.

  1. Mars said:

    Having followed this saga for the past couple of days, I can’t help but agree that this move really is ‘too little and too late’. With the energy security issues, tribal area chaos, the like vying for our attention, this seems like ill-timed.

    We need to send these guys a primer on ‘What equals Priority when running a nation’, a.s.a.p.

  2. supersizeme said:

    Oh yes, very heer ranjha-ish.
    Couldn’t agree more, this write-up is bang on.

    I do hope he gets his ‘birthday surprise’.

  3. Anathema said:

    amen to 528. amen. hope floats.

  4. Anathema said:

    as a colleague said to another one: “mazze ki baat tau yeh hai. Zardari Musharraf se kehta hai: “you are corrupt”

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