Speech bubbles.

After nine really, really long years, Musharraf has finally decided to resign. Text messages I received during the one hour that musharraf made the snore-inducing [till the last fifteen minutes, those were glorious] speech [hopefully his last] will give the reader an idea of what some of us went through.

Musharraf: ‘Pakistan mera ishq hai’
Friend#1: That’s why he screwed it!

Friend#1: Can someone please tell him to get to the point

Musharraf: Hum ne art gallery kholi…
Friend#2:There’s our breaking news headline!

Friend#3: MAKE HIM STOP. I am getting acidity now.

A more thorough analysis will follow later.

  1. saphiya said:

    i think i laughed for a good ten minutes on friend # 1! 😀

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  3. I can’t wait for the peace, prosperity and general betterment of mankind that is sure to come now. The PPP and PML-N have never disappointed and I am sure the glory years of Pakistan are here agai…oh wait! What? It’s the same people who made the 90’s such a fun time to live here? Oh shit. That’s it, this time I’m out.

    Call me when the lemmings who cheered the return of the two most incompetent political parties in Pakistan’s history finally walk off the edge of the cliff that they have so merrily charged towards.

  4. supersizeme said:

    Oh yeeeah.. more like it. I know he’s a bore but it would’ve been priceless watching that expression on his face as he said ”Pakistan mera ishq hai”.

    I’m fed up of all this sudden eruption of Pro-Mush noisemakers. The world has officially gone mad.

    August is proving pretty good I’d say.. plus it’s 18-08-08.. triple 8? Lucky days are on us!?

  5. Anathema said:

    thank you sami!!!
    i still remember walking into lyceum the day benz was toppled. dhol bajhane eery gali.

    happy independence day to the celrbrators. to all the rest: welcome the gloom

  6. Sam said:

    Thanks Sami!!!

    Humz, as much as I love you, I think you fall in that lemmings category. I for one can’t wait to see when some modicum of common sense will prevail and criticism for the sake of it will end, not just you but all these esteemed ‘professional journalists’. I can forgive you because you missed out on the despair of the 80s and 90s but there are quite a few from your line of work who’ve lived through it and seen it all, yet still jumped on the zardari-sharif bandwagon.
    Remember the discussion at Espresso? You wanted a utopia where ‘the people should have a right to choose’. The people chose an idiot and a snake. Thank you for Zardari. Like Musharraf said ‘Pakistan ka khuda hafiz’.

  7. supersizeme said:

    you say the last statement like it’s a bad thing!

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