Futile Searches.

My sister occassionally posts funny search engine terms that lead people to her blog, and since I’m clearly bored and have nothing to do at work, I might as well post some of the misguided directions that lead people here. Voila!

1. what keeps the world spinning
Didn’t pay attention in Geography classes I see.

2. has honesty fled from the world
Yes it has. Next question.

3. world has stopped
No it hasn’t. You just got over your hangover, that’s all.

4. satanic undie
I’m left speechless by this one.

5. waristan
This one was used 5 times to find my blog. I know things are bad in Waziristan, but it really can’t be called ‘Waristan’.

6. paki girls in america pictures
Oh good god. What kind of blog do you think this is?!

7. islamabad embassy has stopped working in
Tsk tsk. Trying to flee the country are you?

8. hippieroute map india
The 60s called. They want their lost hippie back.

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