Don’t talk shawk.

From Dawn: Phone packages irk govt

KARACHI, Nov 14: The Sindh government has approached the federal ministry of information technology to seek its help in discouraging cellular companies from launching “talk packages”, maintaining that such things promoted immoral activities among the youth.

In his letter, Sports and Youth Affairs Secretary Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui quoted some reports suggesting that using some packages, youths were sending immoral messages and indulging in indecent conversation. He particularly made mention of the talk line “141” and the night-time talk packages being promoted by mobile phone companies.

“Such an outrageous initiative will not only involve our youth in undesirable activities that are not permitted in our society, but also promote criminal activities…” he observed.—APP

  1. GH said:

    The inside story might be something else.

  2. nida jawaid said:

    sigh! am sure there is an inside story to it. cellular companies have their ways to marketing. people use it and yet complain about it.

  3. Rassh said:

    your blog is very interesting huma.

    they sure will have an inside story but i use talk shalk and it is a very effective package! i work for an advertising agency and i do their campaign through talk shalk night package. its cheaper and usefull!:D

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