Imagine this.

Take a horrendous terrorist attack in Mumbai, throw in a war of words between Pakistan and India, and angry media commentators fighting their own blame-game war on various television channels in India and Pakistan, and you have the perfect combination to drive the average Indian and Pakistani’s blood pressure through the roof. Whatever happened to diplomacy and tact? Hasn’t the world already learned its lesson that rash emotions and declarations of war after 9/11 did not make the world a safer place? While I understand that Indians across the board have been left shell-shocked by the carnage and scenes of violence in Mumbai, and justice is necessary, it does not mean that one creates instability in an already unstable region, with each country possessing a stockpile of nuclear arsenal, amongst other arms and ammunition. Terrorism is a deadly menace, and must be tackled, but hasn’t history taught us that armed conflicts and military operations rarely ever result in the elimination of terrorist groups? War, has never been the answer to any problem, and this is a mistake world leaders make over and over again.

Imagine, if you will, a war between India and Pakistan. Imagine army tanks travelling across borders, soldiers dying in trenches, civilians eliminated by the millions, metropolitan cities like Karachi or Delhi eliminated by nuclear bombs. Think about that. John Lennon may have asked the world to give peace a chance, but for now I would be happy if we gave diplomacy a chance.

  1. India said:

    Ok then, tell the world what should be done to avoid such attacks in India??

    What are the actions that you are taking towards peace in India? Will you go to pakistan to make the terrorists understand the true meaning of Peace in world.

    Will you go there and tell them not to do so?

    or you should have been at Taj to tell the Terrorists to surrender and not to kill innocent people. Why don’t you make them understand first??

  2. Anathema said:

    with the idiots seated at our end who have no idea how to play their cards, and the biased lot who have not done much but initiate a blame game (the media was vomit worthy), how can you ask for diplomacy

    ask for people with teh ability to play diplomats. and our side certainly has no one with authority

    i just know two men who could. one was hanged. the other resigned in August. they knew how to talk to the world

  3. Anathema said:

    Dear India:
    With due respect to the incident and the madness, perhaps people have forgotten the series of bomb blasts we have endured at the hands of the very extremist lot. We have lost a hotel, and its guards and people during Ramzan. we lost a restuarant and gorass there. we lost lives in Karachi consulates. we lost lives in Lahore on a horse cart. and all that is linked to the same madness

    yet. you think this incident as isolated? sincerest apologies but that is sad.

    We are in this together. I fail to understand why people feel just cuz it happend out of borders we as country wanted this to happen. we hate the bloodshed as much as you do. we will help you clean it up. but please bear with us. we’re losing lives pno that border to clean this madness up

  4. khizzy said:

    huma, i SO just blogged about the same thing.
    the media war which isnt about journalism anymore…but about out doing the competitor channles, and increasing ratings.
    in both sides.
    I dont want war…and i RESENT the media speaking for me, when they do these “we are ready for war” shows.

  5. S said:

    War has been answer to few issues. How else Hitler could have been defeated? Maybe we are hiding our inability to deal with issues by advocating non practical approaches.
    If you have more to lose by waging a war, you don’t do that. India has a lot to lose if it resorts to war. But if and when other alternatives become more expensive and make war look cheaper, …………..
    For me, these sort of events look like a game played by some individuals who are insulated from after effects of these incidents. And journalists, arm chair intellectuals, peaceniks ,…they offer their wisdom till they get a chance to repeat the same stuff during the next incident. And world goes on,..Or is it? With a population density like ours, issues we always had, we shouldn’t be by certain interesting developments now and then. Cause and effect , victim and perpetrator ,….it gets confusing.

  6. Hate said:

    This is one of the best articles Huma has ritten!
    and i LOVED Anathema’s reply to India….
    its true and honest and just and correct!

    lets just all pray to our God to giv these dumb politicians some tact and honesty! and to keep our countries sovreign and terror free!
    Amen 🙂

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