Sunday Quote.

From Masood Hasan’s op-ed:

We are in a decline. We might recover financially in two three years and may even in a dream scenario become something akin to a modern nation – far-fetched as all this may sound, but the very core, the very essence that defines a nation, that special quality inspired by just a few good men and women that makes ordinary countries become extraordinary – that is long gone. Where we lost it and when is no longer relevant. The sad truth is that as another year closes its doors fitfully on a Pakistan that has no idea where it should be heading, our national standards of right and wrong, our sense of decency or indecency and all the other factors that define a good people, has vaporized into the smog-laden and heavily polluted atmosphere that symbolically and physically has us enveloped in a gray and dull choking light. Our souls are in serious jeopardy.

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  1. Hate said:

    scary yet beautifull

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