Mengal and Musharraf

Munir Mengal on his 16-month long illegal detention:

“After not letting me sleep for 72 hours, they stepped up their questioning: ‘Why do you want to create this TV station’ and ‘Who gave you the idea and who is supporting you.’ Then they threw me in a small underground cell. I spent several months blindfolded and handcuffed (…) The first three days of torture were terrible. I still have back pain from the kicks I received. At the same time, the long interrogation sessions during the first five months were exhausting mental torture.

“On the evening of 26 October 2006, when I had been held incommunicado for six months, I was taken to the Saddar barracks near Karachi,” Mengal said. “Pervez Musharraf was waiting for me in a room with Gen. Azeem and Maj. Gen. Bajwa. After apologising for the way I had been treated, the president asked me, in English, to give up my TV station project. He promised to release me if I pulled out of the media domain. He also offered me a copy of his book so that I could appreciate his commitment to Pakistan. After refusing his deal, I was taken back to my cell and was tortured by MI agents again.”


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