One year later.

Someone asked me the other day if I missed Benazir. When I said I did, she was shocked, saying it was the first time someone had said that to her. I understand why people don’t – there were so many hopes attached to her, and she let everyone down. But in retrospect, she may have been corrupt, she may have been a kleptocrat in a Hermes scarf, she may have been undemocratic when it came to handling her own party, she may have joined hands with a dictator for the much-hated NRO…but I miss her. I miss her eloquence, her media manipulation, her grace. I even miss the outrageous clothes she wore and that terrible Urdu accent. One year later, it is terribly hard for me to believe that I will never see her again. RIP Benazir.

  1. Hate said:

    I say
    Good riddence bad rubbish 😀

  2. supersizeme said:

    Spot on! Couldn’t agree with you on this one Huma.

  3. supersizeme said:

    agree more* with…

  4. Ali Rehman said:

    Good Day
    I am studying in Stockholm,Sweden. I have to give a presentation on Pakistan to my university.Although this is not the proper forum to ask but I wanted to present a 5 minutes video on Pakistan with pictures of all major cities and regions like the North of pakistan. Besides does someone have something similar made in power point or can you people help me in telling me the links where I can get such information then it would be highly appreciated. Moreover we need to dispel the impression of Pakistan therefore I ask you ppl to help asap. I need to present tomorrow.
    Thanks a lot.
    Ali Rehman
    Stockholm School of Economics

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