Clash of the Titans

From Omar Khan’s blog:

CLASH OF THE TITANS: Big Daddy of Uganda Vs Mr. FC College (Bronze Medal) of Pakistan.

Out of sheer boredom now that TV is filled with piffle, the bored people in Pakistan have been twiddling their thumbs making idle talk and out of this useless chatter comparisons have emerged between our own ex General Parvez Musharraf, who has now changed species and turned into a mere Civilian and the former Ugandan dictator General Idi Amin. Though the mere thought could be construed as being outrageous and even treasonous, the fact is that in the eyes of many, Idi Amin was a great African Nationalist who stood up to the colonial powers like Britain and kicked out the Israelis and hung out with the hip set like Kaddafi and Arafat. For many Amin was and remains a Hero, conversely there are those who can never forgive his excesses. If one was to stage an imaginary match up between the two, you might end up with something like this:

Both Amin and Musharraf as Chief of the Armed Forces seized power by force. Both of them claimed to be compelled to do so to save the country from corrupt and incompetent governance and secondly to wage a war on; in Amin’s case “Guerrilla insurgents” and in Musharraf case, the War on Terror. Both of them claimed they would head back to the barracks once they had “cleaned up the mess” but both did not. So far honours even. Score: Amin 0 – 0 Musharraf.

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