Post-Oscars Musings.


It may have been predicted, the odds may have heavily been in their favor, but seeing Slumdog Millionaire’s crew picking up a slew of golden statuettes at the Oscars was worth staying up all night for. The show too, was one of the best ones I’ve seen so far. A. R. Rahman, especially, deserves the recognition he’s received so far, although I do feel he’s made better music for previous films in India.

Punjab da puttar makes a very valid observation about whether Slumdog is an Indian film, or a film about India, which you can read in full here, I’m just going to post up my favorite excerpt:

Instead of claiming something not quite ours, it’s high time we look at ourselves in the mirror and within ourselves. We should question ourselves that why is it that the ‘Largest Institute of the Imaginary’ in the world or the largest active film industry today has had just three films making it to the final Oscar nominations for Best Foreign Film – Mother India (1957), Salaam Bombay (1988) and Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001) in its long history of filmmaking. What is it about our films that they fail to break barriers at the International level? And coming back to the Oscars, we have to remember our previous Oscar winners were either for projects that were predominantly British (Bhanu Athaiya for Gandhi (1982)) or a lifetime achievement given by the West (Satyajit Ray).

Maybe Indian cinema needs an eleventh commandment – Thou shall make better films and not covet another country’s film.

Random thoughts on Oscars: I abhor Sarah Jessica Parker, and her irritating smile made me want to throw rocks at my TV. Where was the color on the red carpet? WHERE!? And +10 to Sean Penn for his Oscar acceptance speech.

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  1. Anathema said:

    was a wonderful presentation indeed. it was elegant. not gone overboard with glitz and glam. jackman was a complete show setter and stealer.
    slumdog., good movie. maybe worth an oscar. maybe not. but the fact that india got so much coverage says a differnt story. i have my reservations about slumdog. rahman has done far better work. butthe oscars were so superb i could wtach them over and over again.

    sean penn finally won. and i loved how the camera caught him on stage. him. moist eyed. from his side. and in the audience behind his face was robin wright penn also in tears.

    penn’s the man.

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