Post-Sri Lankan Cricket Team Attack#1

So while it wasn’t bad enough that the government and opposition were at loggerheads, trading insults and allegations and Salman Taseer in the middle making ludicrous statements one after the other, that we had to have gunmen doing a 26/11 on us and attacking the Sri Lankan cricket team. What I don’t get is: why were the buses not reinforced will bulletproof windows? And if the gun battle went on for over 20 minutes, why didn’t back up law enforcement agencies arrive on the scene, which is in the heart of Lahore? The questions will pile up, the government will point fingers at a conspiracy hatched by foreign elements, allegations will be traded, the security officials who died saving the Sri Lankan cricket team will be forgotten and Pakistan’s security situation is fraying faster than you can say Pakistan.

P.S: RIP Cricket in Pakistan. You gave us many happy moments.


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