Search terms gone wrong.

I am quite disturbed at the weird search engine terms that lead people to this blog. I get all those people [TV reporters and journalists, I’m looking at YOU] who come here looking for chronologies of bomb blasts in Pakistan, but the five search terms below are just plain weird. Behold:

1. Hot Zardari [please, please, whoever you are, you need psychiatric help immediately, or a good pair of glasses]
2. Sherry Rehman hot
3. zardari sherry affair
4. zardari a satan
5. can we still breath if the earth stopped [i don’t think so]

  1. ali said:

    This is… disturbing. To say the least.

    could you plz turn the snap preview thingy off? its rather annoying, especially if the computer is acting up.

  2. ali – while i agree the snap preview is annoying, it acts like a rss feed for me for blogs i don’t subscribe to [but do want to check occasionally to see if they’ve been updated] – do you use firefox or internet explorer? the snap preview is okay on firefox on my prehistoric desktop.

  3. hassan said:

    ok.. where are you hiding the hot zardari pics I came here for…

  4. ali said:

    yeah but it puts a major bummer in mobile browsing.

  5. humaira said:

    Would we really not be able to breath if the earth stopped? 🙂

  6. Zag said:

    Maybe they were searching for a pic of Zardari on fire…

  7. |eemz said:

    roflmao! i think it’s just plain old FUNNY!

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