The CJ is back!

1. So after days of the deals, the no deal, the long march predictions, the endless rounds of meetings, Iftikhar Chaudhry has been reinstated. It took over 2 years, thousands of protests, two would-be long marches, lots of tear gas and arrests to achieve this. Today I will be happy. Maybe tomorrow I will think of how Zardari is now plotting something new.

2. The Long March Drinking Game was not a good idea. I think my liver disintegrated in the last few days. RIP dearest liver.

3. The government’s response to Pakistani protests is getting predictable. Tear gas and lathi charge by the police? Seriously. Think of something Musharraf and co didn’t do when it comes to handling protesters, and then we’ll have something to talk about.

4. PTV needs to learn the meaning of the word ‘jald’. Six hours of waiting for the PM’s address! SIX!!!

5. Ali Mustafa from Dawn News should never be let near a live camera ever again. Ever. There is no amount of alcohol that can make what he did on live television on Sunday seem funny. I know I should get off my high horse, but really, he was unbearable.

  1. adeel said:

    Agree with point one.

    What did Ali Mustafa do? Video link please? (I don’t have the luxury of live TV here.)

  2. Sorry adeel, there’s no video of it available – although I think one can watch Dawn News via their website at

  3. Nen said:

    Its kind of hard to outsmart a criminal-mind.

  4. Bubs said:

    Is Ali Mustafa the guy who, when interviewing a PML-N guy leaving Chaudhry’s house, commented on his tracksuit at least three times? If so, he’s friggin hilarious and should always be on the air to provide fashion critiques at times of national crisis.

  5. WHAT!? I missed it! Ali Mustafa was the one wearing a keffayiah.

  6. ali said:

    what DID he do though??

  7. Bubs said:

    Yeah, the keffayiah guy is the one who decided to play fashion correspondent. I swear I thought I was watching The Daily Show.

  8. Yawar said:

    Came across your blog but I couldn’t help but marvel at Ali Mustafa and his escapades. The guy was on the top of a crane at one point. I thought he’s got the makings of a frontline journalist. Freakin’ hilarious, if you ask me.

  9. I wish I could describe what Ali Mustafa did. I was left speechless at his ramblings, which include, from what I hear since I could not bring myself to watch him non-stop ‘to my friends and family who are watching, I am safe’ and admitted on live TV that he had not showered or shaved in 24 hours.

  10. Anonymous said:

    Does he even deserve such attention Huma…by the way a video of his escapades is available on Youtube. Just search Ali Mustafa Dawn

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