Islamic Tourism?!

Attaur Rehman, brother of the JUI-F leader Fazlur Rehman and the Tourism Minister, wants to launch Islamic Tourism in the country. Yes, because terrorists have never attacked Muslims in the country, and shrines, mosques and religious gatherings are bomb-proof.

In a chat with The News on Friday, Attaur Rehman claimed closing down the last alcohol-sale point at the state-run Fleshman’s Hotel in Rawalpindi by imposing a complete ban on its availability through official channels.

“Definitely, the ban can result in financial losses, which will be compensated by implementing new ideas such as promotion of health tourism in the fist step and pure Islamic tourism in the second phase,” argued the minister, who said no religion allowed liquor consumption or indulgence in immoral practices.

Err, some religions do allow you to drink. Didn’t Jesus turn water into wine? And what, pray may I ask, is Islamic tourism?

With regard to ‘health’ tourism, he pointed out the treatment of different diseases in Pakistan was much cheaper than in other countries, particularly in Europe and the so-called welfare states. “According to our assessment, the treatment of an ailment costing $90,000 in the west can be provided for $3,000 in Pakistan. We, therefore, have floated the idea of health tourism; all hospitals will be taken on board in this regard.”

Yes, lest we forget, we’re amongst the largest exporters of kidneys in the world. I wonder when Attaur Rehman last visited a public hospital in Karachi. I’m sure all foreigners who want to kick their nasty habit of ‘alcohol and immoral activities’ would LOVE to spend some time at the Civil Hospital.

Included in his repertoire of ideas are the Islamic culture and values. The JUI-F leader plans to set up Islamic art galleries on the pattern of Lok Virsa. “These art galleries will give a true picture of Islam.”

So tourists come to Pakistan. Visit art galleries. And then…what?

You can read the entire piece here. Please then proceed to bang your head against the nearest wall/door.

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  1. sazk said:

    its not a bad idea. will take some time to kickstart. by the way, jesus did not turn water into wine. why would you quote a bible that tells you how to have sax with your own brother?

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