Lahore Gunbattle # 1

I really thought I had lost all ability of being shocked at what happens in Pakistan. But the Lahore gunbattle has left me rattled. Its been over four hours now since the battle started, which continues to rage on. The details are unbelievable: there were 800 people inside, the terrorists were wearing police uniforms…it sounds something straight out of a bad action flick. Perhaps more chilling was the injured police officer’s account: ‘unhon ne chun chun ke maara’. More details later as they unfold.

P.S: Someone had better resign for this. Preferably Taseer and Malik.

  1. poke said:

    You’ll go numb if u re read ur book with logical understanding, it is coming straight out of it & muslim history is full of such deeds ….
    go ahead & say i have got it all wrong….

  2. ali said:

    how entertaining. You have a hater on your blog. 😀

  3. Ali: I know, I feel quite elated! Does this mean I have made it as a blogger?

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