Lahore Gunbattle # 2 – Monday Bloody Monday

So some odd 8 hours later, the gunbattle is finally over. No one is quite sure yet exactly how many people have been killed, or how many have been injured. Rehman Malik outdid himself with some of the most ludicrous statements I have heard for example: ‘Our police are not trained to fight terrorists’, to which my sister angrily commented ‘then WTF are they being trained for? VIP protocol?!’ That wasn’t all, a friend on Twitter posted another Rehman Malik gem: ‘Rahman Malik asks TV channels to stop live coverage of Lahore terror siege, because “it will bring a bad name” to Pakistan’.

But Rehman Malik idiocy aside, the questions are now starting to pile up: how did such a huge security lapse take place? If the intelligence agencies and police were informed that an attack on a police establishment could take place on the 25th of March, couldn’t they have continued with the high-security measures at police offices till the month ended at least? Were the terrorists from Punjab or from the Northern areas? And if they are indeed from Punjab, then we really need to focus our attention on the fact that Southern Punjab is a breeding ground for terrorists who are now all set on wrecking havoc in the province after having killed dozens in Mumbai. And..well oh fuckit. Our government is inept and doesn’t seem to want to do anything than put up more posters of the late Benazir Bhutto.

Oh, what a terrible Monday.

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  1. Supe said:

    Don’t really know what to say except add to what you’ve already said, and that’s that the security measures enforced in Lahore are pisstaking.
    Yet in places in and around Islamabad it’s been a different story so far, maybe that’s because it’s inhabited by Zardari and his boys.

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