Shahbaz is back! Well…for now.

For those of my friends and acquaintances, who often complain that nothing ever happens in this city or country, please, switch on your TV screens. I was in the midst of a complicated Sudoku puzzle when I heard shouts of Jiye Sharif emanating from a nearby TV. With the Supreme Court having suspended Shahbaz Sharif’s disqualification notice, it seems Punjab is set for some heavy-duty political turmoil ahead.  Zardari and Co. are not going to take this lying down, and may have some ghastly plan afoot to continue with their process of exacting revenge in the name of democracy. The Supreme Court may very well end up disqualifying Shahbaz Sharif.  Sharif is going to reverse all orders Taseer took, and scream bloody murder till Taseer is forced out. Wah.

Kamran Shafi asked a rather relevant question in his column today:

As if the massive mishandling of the restoration of the judges and the shemozzle wrought in Punjab by Laat Sahib Bahadur Salmaan Taseer was not enough, the Punjab government goes on posting public servants, specially police officers, hither and yon as if there was no tomorrow. This, despite President Asif Zardari’s so-called conciliatory speech to the joint sitting of parliament.

Why is Salmaan Taseer displacing these public servants when another, more permanent government belonging to the party that has the majority in the provincial assembly will soon be in office? Who will pay for the move of the officials when the posting orders are cancelled by the new government? Will Taseer, hugely rich man that he is, pay for the moves of the officers out of his own coffers?

Let the political games continue.

P.S: If this had been any other country, Messrs Rehman Malik and Salman Taseer would have at least offered to resign after what happened in Lahore yesterday. Shame, thy name is not Malik and Taseer.

  1. Tazeen said:

    Can someone please ask Taliban dudes to, you know, kidnap Rehman Malik, i mean that would be a riot, and the whole country will root for them

  2. Supe said:

    Hey Tazeen, let’s not forget Taseer here! Oh wouldn’t it be wonderful if he too got a little roughed up and ‘you know’ed! Wink!

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