Asif Zardari, when asked about his former reputation as a playboy before his marriage to Benazir Bhutto in the NYT article ‘Can Pakistan Be Governed?’:

“this description you give — who is fun-loving, who is easygoing, who is consumption of Scotching and wining and dining and dancing — why would that kind of man opt for a life that he knows for sure that he will have to go through a lot of trouble and tribulation?”

Pray may I ask, what version of English does the word Scotching belong to? This perhaps rivals Zardari’s typo-riddled quote in the Quaid’s Mazar guest book. Please read the entire article, there are many other gems by the President including “Benazir and myself are related.” [SINCE WHEN?!]

P.S: Thank you C for the link.

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  1. Vaqas said:

    …“I will not comment on those things,” he said gravely, “because Islam forbids drinking.”
    I believe he wanted to say ‘commenting’ not ‘drinking’.

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