Inhumane, unjust.

By this time, I’m sure many of you have seen the video of a girl being flogged in Swat. Declan Walsh has more details about the incident in his article in today’s Guardian, which you can read here. Of course, as always, the government has not spoken about this issue, and as far as I know , no Pakistani TV channel has shown this video either, despite the fact that its been circling around the Web for at least three days [I may be wrong, please correct me if it has been aired].

An extract from Omar Khan’s op-ed published in The News yesterday, where he sounds as despondent as many of us:

Maybe it’s finally time to face the reality staring us from the wall – the experiment has failed and the Quaid’s dream is a distant and rapidly receding memory. Everything that could have gone wrong in a nation’s sixty-year history has indeed gone horribly wrong. Looking back over the years, there are few glories but a growing string of calamities. A few sporting glories here and there briefly managed to camouflage a system built on the most rotten of foundations: corruption. But it couldn’t last.

Unless there is an immediate turnaround in the manner in which wealth, opportunity and justice are distributed in this country, Pakistan is doomed and most certainly the Quaid’s Pakistan will, alas! never come to pass. Sixty years of greed and corruption have finally cooked the goose and thus: Game over.

UPDATE: Samaa TV aired it during their morning show, and Geo News just aired it as well.

  1. ali said:

    There is a strange kinship
    between mason and soldier

    broken hearts build no homes
    but what of the homes
    that break our hearts?

  2. khizzy said:

    this issue was discussed on Hamid Mir’s show on GEO news day before yesterday…but i dont think they aired the video. i didnt catch the whole show.
    maybe you can source it?

  3. Zag said:

    Just a question, how can we be sure this is Swat?

  4. khizzy said:

    it was Samar Minallah who brought it up… she was on the show.

  5. Tazeen said:

    I have shared the video through facebook and a couple of people asked me the same question: How can we know if it is Swat and Pakistan?

    Hello, even if it is Afghanistan, should we stay quiet and watch star plus soaps? Are we waiting for Taliban to come and flog us in public on Teen Talwar for using internet and chatting with na mehram men?

    What apologist bull crap.

  6. Zag said:

    Whoa Tazeen

    If it’s Afghanistan or where ever, say it is. Just because Guardian reported that it is Swat don’t just start spreading it around blindly!!

  7. Reasoner said:

    @Taliban Supporters

    If Ms. Samar Minallah makes a documentary on the plight of IDPs of Bajaur, it is worthy of watching & quite authentic as it highlights negative impact of military operation in Bajaur.
    Whereas if Ms. Samar Minallah draws attention of world through the video clip now being shown on even local media, it must be termed as a conspiracy to defame world’s only nuclear islamic state i.e. Pakistan !
    Actually neocons, zionists, crusaders, hindus, chinese, iranies, afghanies, and their intelligence agencies CIA, RAW, MOSSAD, KHAD, etc etc are out to destroy stragic nuclear assets of Pakistan !


  8. To add my two cents to Tazeen’s comment, this is inhumane, cruel and sickening, no matter what country in the world this event happens is. And its not just the Guardian that reported it. It was mentioned, as Khizra said, on Capital Talk on Geo News two days ago, it has been aired on a number of local channels including Geo, Dunya, Samaa, et al, who are all airing it AS A VIDEO FROM SWAT. I think we should stop indulging in ostrich-like behaviour and remember that these are Pakistanis committing an act of violence against another Pakistani, which cannot be condemned enough. And don’t give me the argument that no true Muslim or Pakistani would have done this: after all, this is a country where a woman was allegedly chased by dogs before she was shot dead, where women are gangraped, etc. This incident is different because it was recorded on a cell phone and there is actual footage, as opposed to newspaper accounts or television interviews.

    Oh and as I write this, Muslim Khan, Fazlullah’s spokesperson has admitted that this event did take place in Swat.

  9. Saady said:

    Sad. I wish I could say that I did not have violent gory thoughts in my mind regarding those mullahs

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