Why? WHY?!?!

I wonder, sometimes, what the Pakistani nation did that was so horrendous that they got Rehman Malik as an Interior Ministry advisor. Behold, his response to the video of a 17-year old girl being flogged in public in Swat.

From today’s Dawn:

Interior Affairs Adviser Rehman Malik told reporters in Sukkur: “We are investigating the matter. But sometimes anti-state elements make fake or artificial footage or images to bring disrepute to Pakistan.”

  1. zf said:

    Um, please forgive me, but while I believe the government officials to be asses, what exactly is wrong with this particular response by RM? It could be a possibility. Or, like I’ve read in the paper, it could be an early footage cropping up only now, or it might not have taken place in swat at all. (the last two points are not meant to undermine the seriousness of the matter though)

  2. Vaqas said:

    bloody heck!

    he should have resigned already!

  3. james said:

    Come On it could be the case of foreign propaganda. Every thing you see is not what it is.

  4. ali said:

    Not to dilute the the highly justified disgust and revulsion we all hold for this video- lekin agar foreign propaganda karna hi tha, couldnt they think of something more fundamentally intense than this? Something bigger and grander? I personally think that if you’re going to indulge in propaganda, it might as well have a bigger impact than just revulsion. Yes, this is sick- but we all know that sicker has happened.

    And about Rahman malik- someone should tell his granny to read him ‘the boy who cried wolf’ next she tucks him in. Sheesh.

  5. I think Masood Hasan said it best in his op-ed yesterday:

    ‘As we speak, Mr Rehman Malik of the shiny polyester suits and African hairdo is well and safe. His job is under no threat. Neither are any jobs on the line because all those senior officials who are on our payroll are far too busy pushing their careers, taking life easy or building their third house on their favourite plot. We can call them whatever we chose to but it really doesn’t matter in the end. No one is getting the chop. And let’s face it. That is all that matters. The rest can go to the dogs or any animal of your choice.’

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