Articles about Pakistan in foreign publications call the country a lot of things. There was the time that Newsweek called Pakistan‘the most dangerous nation in the world.’ There are a bunch of other cliches, some true, some unfair, that have been used to label Pakistan. So I wasn’t really shocked when I saw the cover of Open Magazine [a new publication in India]:


So curious, as to who these 90% of Pakistanis are, I decided to open the preview. To realize that number of people surveyed are a grand total of 606. From Karachi and Lahore. I kid you not.

And this is where my problem with the magazine’s survey and cover lies. The country has a MASSIVE population that cannot be represented by 606 people in 2 cities. There are MANY other cities apart from Karachi and Lahore which should have been included in the survey. But then, its so much easier to sell magazines when you have a cover like that on a newsstand.

  1. khizzy said:

    you should write to them.

  2. Nikki said:


    I am writing an article on the resilience of people of Pakistan in spite of unending violence by terrorists/Taliban.I would like to use some of your thoughts on this post regarding this topic without revealing your identity.


  3. Khizzy: kis kis ko likhoon?

    Nikki: Feel free to quote me with my name – my e-mail address is on the blog if you have any other queries.

  4. Abdullah said:

    True that 90% Pakistanis would join Pak Army to rip the heads off of the Indians. But I don’t think that the 2% who think they wouldn’t win is accurate. I’m sure 100% believe they would win against India.

    PS: The rest 10% who wouldn’t fight against India are the ever pathetic muhajirs of 1947.

  5. Vikram said:

    Yeah, this Open magazine is a piece of crap. They have been running ads on TV. I hope their days are numbered. 90 % of Indians agree that only 2 % of their articles make sense. 😉

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