Shanaakth # 2

Sindh Information Minister says an inquiry will be launched into the incident at the Shaanakth Festival. Sindh Assembly Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza tries to [oh the horror] justify the incident saying that the anger of the activists at the picture was justified. Amean J, an organiser at the event, publicly apologises on Samaa TV for the picture being displayed. From what an eye-witness tells me, there was police personnel present who let the activists go about their destruction.

This is despicable. Its a goddamn picture. You can complain to the organizers and get it taken off if you have an issue with a piece of art, whether its of Benazir Bhutto’s or my gardener’s. I do agree that the organisers should have been careful, considering the PPP is all-powerful right now and freedom of thought and expression is a myth. Vandalising a place, using foul language and brandishing guns openly is not the way to ‘register anger’.

On the other hand, why am I even angry? I keep forgetting where I live sometimes and what times these are.

UPDATE: According to one of the organisers, the festival is still on. Of course, no one knows what tomorrow will bring.

Also read Omar’s blog post about his thoughts on the incident here

  1. khizzy said:

    “logone ke jazbaat bharak jaatey haain…theek hai inhon ne maafi mangee, laikin inko nahin lagani chahiye thee”
    amean’s apology was redundant to her.
    she came off as this horrible woman who condoned the act.

    so what i understand is that this grown woman says LASHING OUT is justified.
    huma, kal agar aap ke jazbaat kissi kee baat par bharak gayey…toh feel free to destroy everything in your path.
    voicing your disapproval is so passe!

  2. jammie said:

    imagine all the other goons who will take this as a live by example measure.

  3. Supe said:

    *beep*ing animals honestly! to say they overreacted is an understatement.

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