OMFG. Jihadi Workout!

OMFG. This is, by far, the funniest thing I’ve read all week:

From The Telegraph:
Workout tips for jihad offered by al-Qaeda supporting magazine

An al-Qaeda-supporting magazine has published workout tips for extremists planning jihad in countries such as Afghanistan. Complete with photographs of men in white robes with scarves covering their faces performing a variety of squats and sit-ups, it advises supporters to keep in shape so that they can “strike hard” against their enemies.

There are also diet tips which emphasise eating dates and dry crackers and drinking water, especially during Ramadan. “Contrary to what many people believe, you really only need about 32 grams of protein, so don’t waste your money on expensive protein milkshakes,” the writer adds.

Read the entire article here

  1. Vaqas: Hahaha, thanks for the link – the entire article is an eye-opener!

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