Somber Saturday

Good Morning. I hope you’ve had your morning tea/coffee/beer and your cigarette/joint/injection. I also hope that you’ve gotten over the revulsion that I faced yesterday, when the Caped Avenger aka Batman aka Sufi Mohammad went off on his Taliban-obile to ‘save Buner from the Taliban’. Now, morning links with predictions and solutions for Pakistan:

Akbar Ahmed in The Independent: ‘The US, meanwhile, must stop hammering Pakistan, its ally, in public, as Mrs Clinton has been doing.’

Ahmed Rashid for the BBC: ‘Even though most Pakistanis agree that the Pakistani Taleban and their extremist allies now pose the biggest threat to the Pakistani state since its creation, both the army and the government appear to be in denial of reality and the facts.’

NYT: ‘On Friday, the Taliban announced that they were withdrawing from Buner, after government officials had met with Taliban leaders, but local residents said only some of the insurgents had left and called the maneuver a show.’

General Petraeus is clearly miffed: ‘Pakistan’s leaders should focus on the looming threat posed by a stronger Taliban and extremists within their nation’s borders, instead of their rivalry with India.’

The Wall Street Journal says the Taliban are still present in Buner: ‘But many others remained, holing up in the mosques and religious schools or simply retreating to mountain camps, said a senior military officer. That could set the stage for a military showdown that might shatter the controversial peace deal, which handed the Swat Valley district north of Buner to the Taliban and allowed them to impose Islamic law.’

From The Guardian:

Kamila Shamsie talks about satire news shows in Pakistan, Mustafa Qadri explains why the Taliban is popular in parts of Pakistan and Sarfraz Mansoor’s op-ed’s title explains it all: ‘How to tell I’m not a terrorist’

Oh, and just to top off the depressing dose of news, Robert Fisk is quite unhappy about laptops and badly written manuscripts.

  1. Vaqas said:

    I would call him Joker, doing one of those social experiments.

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