A Gloomy Sunday Indeed.

Random collection of thoughts this Sunday:

1. Husain Haqqani should really stop Googling himself and then try to defend himself. Else, it can turn into a hilarious showdown on a blog.

2. I ❤ Maila Times.

3. The NWFP Information Minister should stop giving press conferences. Because it just looks like desperate face saving.

4. COAS Kayani’s gone to France. This sounds like something out of The Onion to be honest.

5. Link of the day: An incensed Pakistani’s letter addressed to Shireen Mazari.

6. Why Facebook is not good for my blood pressure: Celebrities who post about going shopping for themselves at Mall of Emirates and then have a status update the next week advertising their shopping trip for IDPs from Itwar Bazar should be shot dead. Clearly citizens from Swat, Buner and Dir are only deserving of items from Itwar Bazar in this celebrity’s opinion. And spare me the bullshit of its the thought that counts, they’re human beings too and deserve what we consider the best for ourselves as well (I had to get this out of my system).

7. Dear Fatima Bhutto: Please stop writing op-eds. Please. I will pay you to do so. The reasons are many, but foremost of all are my mental and physical health, which are under severe threat from all-together collapsing every time I read something you’ve written. I have tried avoiding all links leading to your articles but sadistic people I call friends keep sending them along. Just stop.

8. Ludicrous event of the week has to be Mohammad Hanif getting detained with his family in Australia by immigration authorities for three hours. Full story here

  1. Ali said:

    On #5: When we made a peace deal with the Taliban in swat we should have added demaded the addition of a clause that the Taliban take Ms. Mazari and His Highness the prince of margalla hills Sir Imran Khan off our hands.

    lol @ #7. Know the feeling and couldn’t agree more. Infact if she agrees to the proposal let me know I wouldn’t mind pitching in. 🙂

  2. ali q said:

    ditto @ number 6. lol, i know who you speak off too..

  3. aneela said:

    i think it was new zealand ‘last post office of the world’ authorities who gave the good Mr Hanif such a tough time…but jo bhee…he had the Nigerian Uwem Akpan (who also happens to be a Jesuit priest !!) for company.

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