Journalism, bah.

While foreign publications sometimes publish the most ludicrous pieces on Pakistan that could give their local counterparts Ansar Abbasi and Rauf Klasra a run for their money [God, how I detest them], and even our local papers’ correspondents are openly plagarising from blogs, this new article about ‘Facebook Pakistanis’ in today’s The Times has to be one of the most ridiculous pieces I’ve read in recent days. I don’t understand, for the life of me, how editors at publications like The Times even accept this tripe as journalism.

Sigh. Perhaps I should have known that this terribly muggy Sunday would not be a good day when I got an email first thing in the morning asking if I wanted to contribute to Humsafar. Yes, PIA’s in-flight magazine. This is what nearly six years of slaving at different jobs has led to: job offers from Humsafar. Although if I get laid off from my current job anytime soon, I might just end up writing for them [hey, everyone’s taken the national airline for a ride, why can’t I?], and then everyone will be free to call me Huma the Humsafar Hypocrite.

Oh, and Rehman Malik gem of the day, via The News:

“I advise the extremists to be Muslim and Pakistani.”

Need I say more?

  1. MS said:


    I am writing an article on the humanitarian crisis in Pakistan for the Huffington Post. I have few questions. Do you have an email so that i can reach you? Thanks

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