Marriott Blast Victims = Bad Muslims?!

Via Dawn:

Mr Dogar contended that victims of the Islamabad Marriott blast were bad Muslims who consumed alcohol.

So judging by what Mr. Dogar has to say, the 200-odd people who were injured and the 50 or so who died in the Marriott Hotel blast were all bad Muslims, including the security guards who refused to let the truck driver entry into the hotel, the hotel staff, and many of the people inside who were having Iftaar after fasting all day. As far as I know, A.K Dogar’s a lawyer, not an expert on what constitutes a good Muslim. But then again, the self-appointed guardians of our faith never fail to amaze, shock or induce nausea.

  1. Mr. Tambourine Man said:

    What an asshole.

  2. Reasoner said:

    A K Dogar is a moron he should be sent to South Waziristan so that he can enjoy fruits of Taliban rule 🙂

  3. OUH said:

    To be honest, I don’t even think you should have posted this on your Blog. Such disgusting comments should not be given so much attention and there is no need to spread such sick information. No offence to you, great Blog, but this post just really pissed me off. This Dogar loser is an idiot!

  4. Nabil said:

    excuse my language..but what a fucking idiot.

  5. maryam said:

    Epitome of the serious lack of proffesionalism in our system.

    I like your take on his whimsical utterance,though.

  6. minerva said:

    That is … disgusting.

    Only slightly less revolting than people claiming that there were sins going on in NWFP and Kashmir to warrant the earthquake.

    Someone needs to kick these bastards in the nads.

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