20 hours later.

Would have live blogged this, but alas, KESC is the weakest link.

7:00 PM: Get call from sister saying the electricity is off. Have faith in KESC and feel it will come back in an hour. Go home.
8:30 PM: Electricity still not back. V hungry. Oooh, Nihari!
8:45 PM: DHA KESC office phones are constantly busy. Hmm, maybe something’s wrong.
9:00 PM: The News’ website reveals all of Karachi doesnt have electricity. Call office. Assignment editor laughs when I ask him when the electricity is coming back. Oh dear.
10:00 PM: Constant prodding by sister to go to Espresso and charge phones and benefit from airconditioning. Nihari-induced coma coming on.
10:15 PM: Severely low levels of battery power on mobile phone. Start panicking.
10:20 PM: Sleep and electricity deprived zombies on the streets. Karachi looks like something out of 28 Days Later.
10:30 PM: At Espresso in my pyjamas. Other people at the cafe look at me weirdly. My pink pajamas with cows on them are very upset at their condescending stares.
11:30 PM: Overhear random conversations at Espresso. One boy has gone through a bad breakup. Other boy says smoke combined with perfume is a very alluring smell.
12:00 AM: Night has been saved! Friend with industrial-size generator invites me to come spend night at her house.
1:00 AM: Oooh, Scotch! Feel remorse for sister, father and cat stuck at home with no bijli, which is quickly washed down with more amber-coloured liquid.
2:00 AM: Am lying in bed surrounded by stuffed toys and barbies. Friend has not updated decor in decades I fear.
8:45 AM: A/C feels so good. Don’t want to go to no-electricity home.
9:15 AM: At no-electricity home. Find sister crouching in terrace door trying to catch breeze.
10:00 AM: Work! Wait, why is no one here?
10:15 AM: Barely no one has showed up to the office. Reporter with KESC beat has been in office for nearly 20 hours. He is thriving on ‘lets bash the KESC’ induced adrenaline.
10:45 AM: At Civil Hospital. Shalwar has magically unhooked itself. Holding on to shalwar for dear life. Hide in Emergency ward and hook it again.
11:00 AM: Still at Civil Hospital. Patients look ready to pass out. Blood bank has no electricity.
11:30 AM: Run into Chand Nawab. Hear him do first line of PTC..’bijli ke bohran…’. Happinesss. Also, feel like a true celebrity, Chand Nawab came and said hello to yours truly. Muahaha.
12:00 PM: Office. Oooh, cute boy online. Happy streak continues.
12:30 PM: Go for lunch at sister’s office. Friend walks in who looks at A/C with a look of love that one reserves for new born babies, puppies, kittens and bars of Toblerone.
2:00 PM: Hear arrogant, good-for-nothing reporter refusing to go to cover a press conference. Fight back urge to smack her.
2:30 PM: Electricity has apparently returned at home. Wonder if cat is doing dance of happiness in her room.
2:45 PM: People are comparing electricity failure stories like people comparing war wounds.
3:00 PM: Run into scumbag. Ugh. Desperately want exorcism to purge self of bad vibes. Think will go hide under table now. Or maybe do some work. Till the next rant then…

  1. blackrose2624 said:

    erm. what were you doing wearing shallos in this decade? =P

    of all things while reading YOUR BIRTHDAY post, i i worry baout your shallo episode.

    lets hope family didnt jinx you or curse you while you enjoyed generator.

    happy birthday yo =D

  2. maryam said:


    How very Bridget Jones-y!

  3. Awesome piece!!!
    i can understand what everybody went thru..

  4. anonymous said:

    Who is Chand Nawab?

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