Pakistan Zindabad!



I don’t know what my favourite moment of the T20 Final is; the Sri Lankan batting order falling apart so quick that I thought I was hallucinating, Afridi’s sensible turn at the bat coupled with the sixers and boundaries in the last few overs, Dil Dil Pakistan playing at Lord’s, the intelligent cricket played by the Pakistani team…all in all, I’m over the moon, what an incredible game this final has been. Seventeen years and one day after we won the World Cup in 1992, Pakistani cricketers have given its countrymen an indescribable sense of elation. Pakistan Zindabad!

[Images courtesy Reuters]

  1. jammie said:

    was it 17 years ago- maaaan. I still remember that day- it was raining and we had all taken off from school 🙂 it was o levels. and that song that still gives me goosebumps. pakistans had so many hits and misses- more misses as of late- that this is like…magic. its like everything is ok now- all war all strife all problems for this moment have gone away and theres nothing left but pure happiness and joy.

    ok i got carried away. but you know what i mean

  2. Vaqas said:

    you joined Geo? or am I the last one to find out?

  3. jammie: absolutely. i think we’ve forgotten what it was like to be wholly united as a nation with one emotion.

    vaqas: ive been working with geo for over four years now.

  4. Ahsan said:

    Yaar pls consolidate your blog with your sister’s, this makes no sense. I hate having to type in both URLs when I really shouldn’t have to.

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