A Rainbow Shines Over India and other Fairy Tales.

It has been a very tumultuous week. First up, I would like to say that I have no words to elaborate on how I feel about the King of Pop’s death. The sister has written a very moving piece on her blog, so you can just read that.

Secondly, I am extremely happy about the Delhi (I’ve always wondered, does one say Delhi or Dilli?) High Court verdict on homosexuality in India. Kudos to the DHC for ensuring homosexuals have equal rights, this is really a remarkable achievement for gay rights’ activists in India. Fingers crossed that India’s colourful political parties accept the verdict with dignity.

And while its unfair to compare the two countries’ judicial systems, a recent ruling in one of our courts has left me seeing red all day.

Via Dawn:

Three suspects in the child marriage case were on Wednesday granted bail by a judicial magistrate (south) against a surety bond of Rs5,000 each.

Eight-year-old Zahida was married to 17-year-old Dilshad in Azam Basti in the jurisdiction of the Mehmoodaad police station on June 25. Later, acting on information provided by some neighbours, the police arrested the girl’s father, Abdul Rasool, the bridegroom, Dilshad, and the Qazi, Qari Naqib Ali Shah, under Section 151 of the criminal procedure code.

Rs.5000 is set as bail and they’re free. The would-be bride is EIGHT years old! The father, qari and the boy’s father should be publicly hanged, along with rapists and child molesters. Maybe that would make them stop suggesting that eight is a suitable age to be married.

This week also saw the publication of a report suggesting that the profits from smuggled cigarettes go into the pockets of the Pakistani Taliban. So the next time you’re at the pan wala, think twice before you ask for the ‘Farsi wala Malboro.’

Then there was today: I spent about six hours at the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi while covering an assignment and have had several realisations hit me at the speed of lightning:

1. People still come to the airport to see the sights.

2. There are WAY too many Chinese-looking people who come to Karachi. What are they all doing here!?

3. It is extremely easy to spread a rumour in Karachi. After being asked, for what must have been the 1000th time, what our camera crew was doing there, we joking replied: “Waiting for Shahrukh Khan to come.” That rumour could have gotten way out of hand had we actually kept a straight face when saying it. I do hope there aren’t people at the airport right now holding up placards saying “SRK I ❤ U."

4. Karachi's airport shop has no decent food. Except the packet of Lays' I had there was definitely more fresher than what you get in most stores in the city.

5. Wannabe designer/male model should not wear bright green sneakers to match his t-shirt. It reminds one of puke, not grass. And carrying an LV bag (which looked suspiciously like a handbag) does not maketh a model.

6. Sitting on a luggage trolley is not good for the bones.

I'm sure there were more realisations, but I'm ready to crawl into bed and sleep the sleep of the dead. Unless the cat gets to my pillow first, in which case it will be yet another battle of "Move Your Butt Smoky Cat." Stay tuned.

P.S. Fat monkeys in a zoo in Japan are being put on a diet according to a report in The Telegraph. I’m a little scared after seeing the accompanying photo.

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  1. Suleiman said:

    Ha! Us being oh-so-very-cool about hemosexuality and whatnot is perhaps the proof of us being oh-so-very-far away from the actual, as a believer was said to be in our times. Heh. Knowing the twisters that the two of you are, I am sure this comment will be followed up by angsty whatever bull “your signature responses” so to say. Fight on. Dream on. We’ve still got a long way to go, Hail Hell! 😀
    Pause. Step aside from your million acquaintances and ponder over where exactly you’ve come to. Jabhi kehtey hain, fashion related kuch bhi kero, bound to “fit right in”. Yaay! Homosexuality. Oh but then that’s the *other* twin. Sowie. 😦
    I can’t believe I am actually on someone’s page, writing a shitty comment. Weird.

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