Gojra Massacre.

Nearly two weeks before we’re set to celebrate yet another Independence Day, and people in this country still can’t learn how to tolerate members of minority religions in the country. Or maybe, in a weird, demented way, they were trying to recreate Partition for us.

Via the BBC:

Six Christians have been killed in religious unrest in Pakistan’s central Punjab, after days of tension sparked by the rumoured desecration of a Koran.

The four women, a man and a child died as Muslim militants set fire to Christian houses in the town of Gojra, officials said.

TV footage showed burning houses and streets strewn with debris as people fired at each other from rooftops.

YouTube doesn’t have any videos yet of the footage that was aired on national news stations today, but having seen the live coverage from Gojra on half a dozen channels, it is not just appalling, but chilling, as to how, to quote Federal Minister for Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti, “a mob misled by Muslim extremists” set fire to a Christian-inhabited locality with multiple cameras capturing it on tape. MPA Saleem Khokhar informed me this afternoon that this is the fourth incident against minorities in Punjab in this month alone, and the Punjab police force has yet to provide security to the Christians in the area.

For a history lesson, Wikipedia (yes, I was lazy) has a brief rundown of the major incidents involving persecution of Christians in Pakistan.

I’m going to go cry now.

  1. Rashid said:

    Pakistanis have been witnessing similar massacres in FATA areas as well where American drones killing several innocent Men and Women. SInce they are Muslims and killing a Muslim is Halal by Western media hence it does not matter at all.

  2. Azeem said:

    My dearest Rashid, as a muslim and as a pakistani, I am ashamed of what has happened at Gojra. This is not a modern day crusade, where the right to kill christians or muslims was ordained by God. Remember the christians that died today are as much Pakistanis as we. And more importantly, two wrongs never make a right.

  3. Anonymous said:

    Pakistan has long seen Benazir Bhutto and PPP’s commitment to minority rights. Zardari’s own commitment to battling extremists is evident in his dedication to rooting out terrorism. In comparison, it should be noted that Sharif’s Punjab government did nothing for 2 days as Christians were being burnt alive in their homes and the Punjab police stood aside as extremist Sunni Muslims killed these desperately poor Christian sweepers and their families. The President however demanded an immediate investigation on the first day and sent in forces to protect the community and enforce the peace as soon as possible. There is no escaping the wonderful work Zardari has done, no denying the fact that he has acted impeccably in the whole matter.

  4. noman said:

    and people in this country still can’t learn how to tolerate members of minority religions in the country

    ohh, my GOD, this is one extreme. How can you say that people in Pakistan have no tolerance to the minorities in Pakistan, just because of one incident. There are hundreds of thousand of minorities living in Pakistan and there is no such issues. But people like you, just like to draw extreme pictures of the situation.

    Shame on this writer to imply this.

  5. Rashid said:

    Yes two wrong don’t make a right but why is like that people to chose only one type of “wrong” and shy to condemn the other one? why this hypocrisy?

  6. Nasreen Din said:

    I’m so ashamed to be called a Pakistani, after watching all what keep happening to the Christian minority in Kasur, Gojra & other places in the past. Government must do something to stop this once for ever.

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