The Marvi Memon Code.

Dear readers, if it wasn’t bad enough that we’re still watching the aftermath  of the Gojra massacre unfolding with mind boggling explanations offered by the government, we now have someone who can make heads explode in a 140 characters (or less): the one and only Marvi Memon.

Earlier this month, a friend convinced me to follow Marvi Memon, the MNA from PML-Q, on Twitter. I expected hilarity (which Marvi Memon delivered), but today, Ms. Memon just took her tweeting to all new heights.

Example 1: “Jhandula resurfacin in kchi part of destabiliz of pak/ trying to create ethnic sectarian strife/ pmln ppp both rersponsible/aug 11 sspeech”

Ms. Memon, firstly, its Jundullah, not Jhandula. Secondly, at least cite your source, which is the Daily Times in this case. Also, doesn’t the term Jhandula bring to mind an image of a group of rabid flag makers?

Example 2: “My speech on gojra: we condemn it as a party, intel agencies had forwarned but nothin was done/ militants from jhang entered to create desta”

Desta? Oh dear, revenge of the 140 character limit.

Example 3: “We hav jst walked back after walkout protesting on christians being slaughtered in gojra”

Err, didnt take you long to walk back to air-conditioned comfort.

Example 4: “Will travel all of pak to save system thru such systems which govt can’t stop / all dev states have it/ paya jaam poss so don’t push us”

I know this country faces many threats and problems, but the idea of a paya jaam strike called by PML-Q only makes me giggle.

Example 5: “Giving directions to team n Sorting priorities from car. Enroute nazim convention. Will fight for all that’s was gud and that wil b gud.”

All that was good and that will be good. That has to rival the Freedom speech from Braveheart.

As my friend Jay points out, she is a gangsta rapper in the making. Move over Bakhtawar Bhutto-Zardari, Marvi Memon is here to fight for all that was good and that will be good.

Also, if someone does manage to understand what she says, can they please let me know? I’ve gotten a massive headache trying to decipher her tweets, and there’s no Dan Brown in sight either to help me.  Will blog more later, right now I’m going off to fight for all that will be good, Marvi Memon style.

  1. Supe said:

    ”Will fight for all that’s was gud and that wil b gud.”

    love it. xD

  2. adeel said:

    oh dear! she’s too caught up between delivering self-righteous, sharp-pitched, hollow sermons and the twitter message limit.

    >>revenge of the 140 character limit.
    spot on!

  3. khizzy said:

    lol…i cant stand her and her obsession with print outs.
    she cat show up for talk shows without printouts to back up her rants.
    so high pitched and nasal!

  4. talkhaaba said:

    I good postmortem by a woman of woman in “Awrat Raj” Anyways, it has very very positive aspect. At least woman criticism isn’t called chauvinist. Anyways, I enjoying your program and you’re doing wonderful job as a blogger also. Keep it up.

    Mr Talkhaba

  5. Rabia said:

    heh, I always thought she was the Sarah Palin of Pakistan.

  6. Basim said:

    Haha, this IS pretty hilarious. However, love her or hate her, I think you’re being slightly harsh on her. Public accessibility to political figures is severely lacking/non-existent in Pakistan, so props to her for at least trying (I believe she also has a blog/website) to be approachable (no matter how grammatically ridonkulous her attempts are!).

    Good stuff.

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