if i ever feel better.

I’ve used up all my active brain cells trying to field off questions why I don’t fast and getting suggestions from friends and acquaintances on how to answer such question [my favourite suggestion so far: “when they ask you why you’re not fasting, you ask them how their sex life is”]. Khair, I will just post about what I’ve been reading this week and curse myself later about my sheer laziness [I mean, just look at the blog post title, its stolen from a Phoenix song!].

1. Bositive Neuj Bakistan, one of the funniest blogs I’ve come across in a while. While you’re at it, do check out their Calendar-e-Bakstan, their representative on Twitter LalBrofessor is pretty hilarious too.

2. From Foreign Policy: Cheney’s Jihad by Peter Bergen, detailing the CIA interrogation methods and their effectiveness for the United States.

3. Mohammed Hanif on Jaswant Singh’s book being banned, reports of Pakistan’s demise and more in Times of India. My favourite quote: “Pakistan implodes almost on a daily basis, then gets bored with its own miseries and goes to sleep hoping to wake up just fine. That has never quite happened. Someone recently said, what do you expect from a country where the Father of the Nation (M A Jinnah) happens to be a brother to the Mother of the Nation (Fatima Jinnah). So it’s a bit of a dysfunctional family but then we tell ourselves, which family isn’t?” For those who want to read it in Urdu, there’s Hanif’s article on BBC Urdu about the Jaswant Singh controversy, which you can read here

4. Sex education in schools or not is the new debate, at least, it is in my office following this piece of news. Grrr, in a country where girls get married off at age 8 [sickening, I know], people have a problem with sex education for their children. Parents like the ones who are protesting need to realise that their children will benefit from this, not turn into the Pamela Andersons and Tommy Lees of this world. And having scanned through the book, I do understand that its a little advanced in terms of the concepts and terminology used, but if I had a child, I’d rather they read about this in school as opposed to hearing nonsensical concepts from someone else who regularly confuse their arse and brains.

5. Sadequain’s masterpieces are at risk of fading away, says a report in The National. Having had my breath taken away by the beauty of the murals at the Frere Hall and Lahore Museum, and being appalled at their condition, this article makes me wish I was rich enough to fund the restoration work myself. Where are the so-called patrons of art, who have numerous works by Sadequain gracing their walls, when you need them?

6. A Pakistani man died during the recording of a Unilever show in Thailand. Of course, since according to this piece, “Unilever is Pakistan’s biggest advertiser, with spending in 2007 of $20 million, according to Advertising Age’s ranking of top global advertisers,” don’t expect to see this being talked about in the print or electronic media.

  1. Bubs said:

    Minor correction: You meant Tommy Lee of Motley Crew not Tommy Lee Jones the 60-something actor. Although a Pamela Anderson-Tommy Lee Jones sex tape would probably be more interesting.

  2. Oh dear, should really not blog from work, I always end up making errors. Have fixed it, thanks!

  3. Maliha said:

    Questions – if the school in question is a private school, how does that fall under the jurisdiction of the government? How can the advisor to the Education Minister state that they would not ‘allow’ the schools to teach such subjects? Does the Directorate of Private Institutions examine the curriculum of private institutions?

  4. Ahsan said:

    How can I put this delicately…hmm..as a girl, don’t you have a plausible ready-made excuse to not fast whenever people ask?

  5. Maliha: as far as I understand [and I may very well be wrong], the curriculum of private schools does have to be approved by the government, and the government does have a say regarding the administration of private schools – of course, that’s barely ever enforced when it comes to important matters like hikes in school fees, etc.

    Ahsan: Err, that excuse only works 7 days of the month.

  6. Ahsan said:

    Haha I was assuming that you don’t meet the same annoying and nosy people more than once a month (allowing, of course, for the possibility of meeting different annoying and nosy people during a month).

  7. Saif said:

    Hanif is to literature what Salman Butt is to Pakistan cricket.

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