Torture and the Pakistani Army

A new video has emerged, taken from what appears to be a mobile phone, of Pakistani army personnel beating up suspected Taliban militants (who appear to hail from FATA/NWFP, from what one can tell).

Earlier, reports emerged that the Pakistani Army had left alleged Taliban members’ bodies out on the roads of Swat. The Sunday Telegraph cited an 18-year old boy “describing seeing dogs eating the bodies of bombing victims lying in his village before he fled.”

According to a BBC report on the video, DG ISPR Athar Abbas says this is “a very serious accusation.”

“I cannot comment on the video till we have examined it. This will take some time as the army headquarters will have to be involved in the process.”

The video is sickening to watch, but the report doesnt come as a surprise. As I mentioned earlier, reports of the Pakistani Army’s involvement in torture and even war crimes in the battle against the Taliban have been circulating for months now. Whether this video is real or not [and so far, it looks pretty authentic], what one would really like is some honesty from the Pakistani Army.

Update: The first video was removed from YouTube almost an hour after I first saw it, YouTube says the video violates their Terms of Use. Blog post has been updated with new video link.

  1. shahzreh said:

    So the horrific videos of the Taliban beheading people fall under their terms of use? I suppose state-sanctioned violence has to be kept under wraps! What hypocrisy!

  2. This is plain sickening. And the irony of it all is that we’re the ones to point our fingers at the US of A for executing inhumane methods of torture for their prisoners.

    Little did we know, we had four fingers pointing back at our own selves.

  3. zarak khan said:

    pakistani army is the castle of islam…whoever has posted this is trying to divide the nation bw punjabi and pathan?? wait for the offucial inquiry..but for sure i can say the ppl in the video arn,t from tribal arease but from swath or malakand..if these ppl r innocent then we,l know it soon

  4. Farooq said:

    This is the same thing we did in Bangladesh resulting in seperation and army has shamefully no regrets on it. We havent learned any lesson from history and we will suffer. The Pakistan army is so high headed and dumb I really dont understand why cant they foresee the future. If there will be no Pakistan on whom will they rule. Why have they been trained into mindless heartless bunch of greedy merceneries at cost of our hard earned tax money?

  5. ABC said:

    for the sake to dollor Pakistan Army can do anything

  6. swati said:

    this is real video wd out any doubt. Pakistan army doing extra judicial killing in swat nowadays and every person in swat know but ppl can not even say some thing abt this coz they kill all those who are even pointing out any illegal act of Army.
    i personally know that they arrest one person one day and next nigh they put his headless body in front of his home, and after that next day they came again and destroy his home and his property composed on multiple buildings.
    HRCP are asking for the investigation of extra judicial killing but govt and Army try to avoid the probes. coz they are involve in such activities so they cannot face any investigation Pakistani army totally involve in war crimes and the probes for that must be ask for that.
    soon u ppl will see some videos of ppl property distraction and war crimes of Army.

  7. Shaahaan Hyder said:

    This is what is going to happen with all of us, Punjabi, sindhi or whoever.. In real the world is in the hold of military people now and they r kicking it as a ball. Its just the torture that is breaking our sould to just see it and how one would feel when he will see somebody is gettin killed by this kind of bloody torture? and thats happening everywhere.. The person who is beating the hell out of all these people is also a muslim and none of the people who r watchin is kafir and so do the people who r gettin beaten up are muslim. What can we do for just lil money? Shame on US!

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