The war begins.

Image: Associated Press

Via The Guardian:

Pakistan was reeling tonight from a spree of militant violence that plunged its cultural capital into chaos and demonstrated the bloody resolve of Taliban extremists vowing to overthrow the state.

Five attacks in a day in Kohat, Peshawar and Lahore that have left at least 40 people dead and scores injured. Interior Minister Rehman Malik was at his usual best with his statement “Terrorists will conduct more strikes”, while the police and commandos battled to regain control of the Elite Forces HQ and the Manawan Police Training Academy in Lahore, this is obviously the beginning of the fallout of the Waziristan operation. With the Pakistan Army poised to start the war to take back Waziristan, which will be a long and bloody operation (considering it took the Army over 18 hours to regain control of its GHQ, lets reserve our optimism for the outcome of this war),  I am now tired of asking where our government is, what the intelligence apparatus of this country is doing, and why we can’t forget about the Kerry-Lugar Bill for a minute and focus on the fact that we have a war raging on in the country that we don’t seem to be winning. In just one example of the security lapses today, according to eyewitness accounts at Manawan, the walls of the academy, which the terrorists had scaled barely six months ago, have still not been reinforced, and still stand tall at a measly 5 feet.

Oh, just to be clear, the terrorists didn’t enter via the gates to the academy this time either. And if the security setup is going to remain the same, we might as well just hand them the keys to the Kingdom of Pakistan.

  1. Alta said:

    I would like to give credit to the elite force and those who helped take back control including the police who neither trained nor have the arms to deal with such threats.

    Id like to look at it at the beginning of the end for them,the attacks grow in number and they do whatever they can as they are being hunted and killed but then id be dreaming.

    But none the less i think like many do that this is just them trying to put the army off but if the army continues to go after them we should be able to get rid of them.

    What the Govt is doing? giving interviews and getting on the case of the cricket team 🙂

  2. jammie said:

    havent we already handed the keys to the person who is making it worse? i hate how the thought that you get the leaders you deserve keeps ringing in my head….

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