I met a little girl and boy today. Shy, yet polite, holding out their hands for handshakes and whispering salaams to the grown-ups they met.

Four hours later they were killed in a bomb blast in the city.

32 people have been killed today. Thousands have died in the last few years alone in Pakistan in acts of terrorism. Mothers, fathers, cousins, friends, colleagues, brothers, sisters, acquaintances. Some we knew, some we never will.

  1. khizzy said:

    the kids…were they related to the host of the crime show? Mr. siddique (i cant remember his first name).
    i saw him on the news…injured. heard about the children dying later.

  2. temporal said:

    and now the country burns from the north to the south


    we the people are knowingly or inadvertently dancing to the tunes of the deluded taliban inc. pipers

  3. temporal said:


    just shared this elsewhere and hope this is not taken out of context…we can become so brazenly insulated…

    the seeing blind cannot see the tears
    the sleep walkers seek prizes
    the delusionistas want others to act
    the denialistas do what they do best – deny
    finally the lines have blurred and blended
    difficult to discern between hasan and yazid
    between sheep and wolf, between me and me
    husain is dead, long live husain
    we the living breathing are dead too
    pity, we know not we’re dead


    i have a craving
    a bagel with cream cheese
    and moca java
    and tried hard as i did
    i could not shake it off
    yes, the plight of the father
    who lost four young children
    the mother crying hoarse
    others frantic in their search for news
    —any news
    moved me, saddened me,
    made me furious
    but did nothing to curb the craving…

  4. Khizzy – yes the post was about Fahim’s son and niece. What a nightmarish 24 hours.

  5. Anum said:

    Powerful post. When you put a face, and a person, behind the death toll – the impact of the loss is astounding. Innocent children are dying and we are utterly helpless.

  6. khizzy said:

    huma, i saw their funeral on tv. it killed me that he was watching from the ambulance. the whole scene was just heart wrenching.
    i’m also so sad for all the shopkeepers at the bazaars the got burned down. they put their entire life savings plus loans into these shops. and they showed on the news that the shopkeepers said the police just stood around watching.
    so many lives have been ruined…by the blasts and then by the acts of arson.

  7. neel123 said:

    Will this post have any effect on those in Pakistan who are planning many more Mumbai like attacks…………. ?

  8. ibteda said:

    I haven’t met Fahim or his son for two years. But I remember Fahim uploading his son’s pictures on his PC. I’ve been feeling sick to my stomach ever since I got the first sms about his missing son & niece.
    This situation is getting so hopeless, that I dont know how to feel anything but dread.

  9. Raza said:

    So Sad 😦

    When will this end?

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