Censoring YouTube

About 90 minutes ago, YouTube suddenly got blocked in Karachi – with the message “This site is restricted” popping up instead. PTCL expressed ignorance about the ban, whereas representatives of various ISPs’ helplines said that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had banned YouTube. At around 9:30 PM PST, YouTube came back, but now one cannot access the video of Zardari saying shut up to a crowd that surfaced recently on the website. Since its a Sunday, PTA representatives are unavailable.

This move comes just when one thinks the Government of Pakistan cannot outdo themselves. What’s next, a ban on free speech?

  1. shades said:


    use the tor browser to access youtube, including the video of zardari telling someone in the crowd to SHAAATAP


    how dare they try taking our LOLS away!

    the vid went offline yesterday, the 6th of feb.

  2. Kig said:

    I am a British Pakistani, and I would just like to point out that some of you guys very idiotic indeed. You deserve everything you get, you voted those corrupt parties into power, and now you want to wine about it. Also Zahid Hamid is a idiot please stop brining him on TV with his rather retarded conspiracy theories.

    In Pakistan you need more folks who actually criticise Islam, the real problem is Islam, which is holding the country back.

  3. hira said:

    Hello British Pakistani,
    It’s an idiot. Not a idiot. Idiot.

  4. Yasser said:

    i was able to watch though, just check if you can, quite funny and it show even his supporters ain’t tolerating his speeches 🙂

    British Pakistani, nobody voted AZ for presidency 🙂

  5. Sohaib Gulbadan said:

    What free speech? The blasphemy laws wali?

  6. thanks shades for the tip – there are lots of proxy websites out there, its just infuriating that the government would actually restrict access to the videos – morons!

    and sohaib, sore point that. let’s save the blasphemy laws for another rant-in-the-future.

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