Uncle Sargam.

Didn’t manage to see the first episode of the new Dawn News show Siyasi Kaliyan featuring Uncle Sargam and co, but this clip of Uncle Sargam dancing outside the Supreme Court building in Islamabad [at 1:08] has just helped end this week on a great note. Priceless.

As a child, Uncle Sargam was a must see in our house. One of my favourite episodes (sadly, can’t find a link) has to be Uncle Sargam interviewing Farooq Qaiser. Then there was Uncle Sargam’s sidekick Massi Musibatain, who’s characteristics often reminded me of most of my aunts. The show also started a trend that later caught on and has now become viral: dubbing clips from Hollywood movies in Punjabi in the segment Hashar Nashar.

I’d write a longer post, but I keep getting distracted by the clip of him dancing. Uncle Sargam, I love you.

Recommended blog post: All Things Pakistan: Farooq Qaisar, Uncle Sargam, PTV and Putli Tamashas


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