I have had my heart broken, day by day, over the last few weeks as floods have ravaged Pakistan. Most of the places I have had the privilege to visit over the last few years are now under water, or have suffered severe losses, both of life and livelihood. Dera Allah Yar, South Punjab, the KKH – these are not just dots on the map for me (covered now in shades of blue if one looks at the satellite images) – and nothing will ever be the same again. For more information on how to donate, please head over to Chapati Mystery or Changing Up Pakistan.

But the heartbreak is nothing compared to the rage and disgust I felt this morning, when I read this report in the Express Tribune:

“The government and local clerics refused to shelter around 500 flood-affected families belonging to the Ahmadiya community in South Punjab’s relief camps. Not only that, the government also did not send relief goods to the flood-hit areas belonging to the Ahmadiya community, The Express Tribune has learnt during a visit to the devastated Punjab districts of Muzaffargarh, Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur.”

If it’s not bad enough that the government’s response for providing relief to the flood victims has been anything but remarkable, the President thought a trip to his chateau was more important as the floods hit the country or that fake IDP camps are being set up for the benefit of duping the Prime Minister and the media, let’s throw in some more state-sponsored religious persecution. Sigh – I would write more, but am at a loss for words as I decide whether to scream with rage or cry in frustration.

  1. O,dear what a painful story. Who can help a nation which is its own enemy? Btw, Don’t you think we are over doing this begging business? Who can help this nation which can accept aid without any discretion whether it is ‘halal’ or ‘haram’, i.e., from a muslim or a kafir, bar any help to their fellow countrymen dubbing them as kafir?

  2. saira said:

    Huma – thank you for reporting this piece and your feelings towards it. It is indeed disgusting how the Ahmadis are treated in Pakistan. They are treated worse than animals and this is just one example of that. I appreciate writers like you, as you are not biased. Thanks again for sharing this with the world.

  3. Tim said:

    Have you ever thought that things just aren’t going to change in Pakistan or in the region. Technology sometimes changes the battle ground of political struggles but I don’t see that happening in Pakistan. So where is the impetus for change going to come from? Not the liberal intelligencia for sure, they have been bemoaning the state of Pakistani politics for decades. Ask Tariq Ali, or Ahmed Rashid what they thought when they were younger.

    The only likely way of changing I can see is if Pakistan breaks up as it did in 72. And even thats not likely in the near future. It would take India to want to do it, I’d guess.

    The political, military and religious structure of Pakistan is rusted on, in a crazy vice like grip, ever spiralling down, down, down. Until? Until what? Just down.

  4. nissar said:

    Tariq Ali has been a complete disappointment. while he is for a liberal Pakistan he supports all hues of islamists and violent stone pelters in Kashmir. Hypocrites don’t bring change.

  5. Tim said:

    Its a very very rare revolutionary that does not advocate violence.

    Even the Dali Lama supported a CIA backed insurgency in the 60’s.

    It makes Mandela even more admirable in my eyes.

  6. roshni said:

    prejudice at its best…-sigh-

  7. this is simply awful 😦

    this isn’t how Muslims are supposed to be to non-Muslims at all.

    Even war captives were fed what the Muslims had to eat!

  8. There are many floods going on in the pakiland. The worst in my view is the bigoted-hatred. The flood of water is not going to drown us, rather it would be beneficial in the long run, but the cancerous flood of bigotry is sure to drown this nation.

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