Express Tribune: Al Qaeda on the path of defeat: US official

Express Tribune: Pakistan unable or unwilling to attack Haqqani network: Senator Shaheen

Express Tribune: US places three Pakistan based al Qaeda leaders on sanction list

Express Tribune: Pakistan deserves real credit for arresting al-Mauritani: US official

Express 24/7: Robert Grenier interview

Express Tribune: Interview with a spy: ‘Step into Pakistani shoes’

Express Tribune: Al Qaeda No2 Atiyah Abd al-Rahman killed in Pakistan

Express Tribune: Report on terrorism: US points to Pakistan’s terror groups, failure to tackle crisis

Express Tribune: Half of US assistance went through Pakistani govt: USAID

Express Tribune: No alternative to ties with Pakistan: Panetta

Express Tribune: Strings attached?: Talk of US aid scorecard rubbished

Express Tribune: Deputy Secretary Nides hails Pak-India talks

Express Tribune: American kamikaze: US narrowly averts default

Express Tribune: Mango Mania

Express Tribune: Standing up for allies: Clinton wants Obama to veto conditional aid bill

Express Tribune: Withholding information: US judge puts Fai under house arrest

Express Tribune: Distrustful allies: Another panel, another set of conditions

Express Tribune: Ghulam Nabi Fai admits to receiving money from ISI

Express Tribune: Despite strain, Pak-US not close to split, says Mullen

Express Tribune: More strings on Pakistan aid

Express Tribune: US Foreign Affairs Committee passes Foreign Relations Authorization Act

Express Tribune: Woodrow Wilson Centre speech: Musharraf vows to repeat his actions

Express Tribune: Musharraf says Benazir violated ‘deal’, maintains innocence over OBL

Express Tribune: Kashmiri lobbyist arrested for withholding information

Foreign Policy – AfPak Channel: In Pakistani politics, it’s still a man’s world

Express Tribune: Book review: Bloodmoney – spy games

Express Tribune: ISI chief’s US visit went ‘very well’

Express Tribune: ISI chief off to Washington

Express Tribune: Financial assistance to Pakistan: US Congress votes against proposal to cut aid

Express Tribune: Failed states: Mullen underscores importance of non-military investment

Express Tribune: US not to keep up aid to Pakistan without change: Clinton

Express Tribune: US defence budget hearing: We cannot walk away from Pakistan, says Mullen

Express Tribune: Middle East Institute seminar: Experts, journalists attempt to understand ISI

Express Tribune: US aid to Pakistan: ‘Corruption becoming a hurdle in implementation’

Express Tribune: Nomination hearing: ‘Terrorism Pakistan’s biggest challenge’

Foreign Policy – AfPak Channel: Angels of death

Express Tribune: Headley claims he was trained in Lahore

Express Tribune: Chicago trial: Headley visited Indian nuclear sites while scouting targets

Express Tribune: Mumbai terror attacks: Headley recalls how 26/11 targets were chosen

Indian Express: Life after geronimo

Express Tribune: Rumour mills churn in Washington

The Caravan: The Spy Who Left Me

Dawn.com: Animal kingdom

Express Tribune: Death in Dhaka

Dawn – Books and Authors: A view of the slums

Foreign Policy – AfPak Channel: Behind the scenes of Raymond Davis’s release

New York Post: Spy furor in pakistan

The Friday Times: The dubious debate

Foreign Policy – AfPak Channel: The Cost of Cowardice

The News: The not so reluctant fundamentalist
Sunjeev Sahota’s debut novel is a wonderful narrative of a would-be terrorist

Dawn: Remembering Faiz

Dawn – Books and Authors: KLF: a mixed bag

Dawn – Books and Authors: FESTIVAL: The best of Urdu & other Pakistani languages

Express Tribune: In search of the Jews of Karachi

Foreign Policy – AfPak Channel: Equality in the eyes of the law in Pakistan

OPEN Magazine: Big Brother Is Gawking

Dawn – Books and Authors: Lipstick jungle

NYT: Report Says Militants in Pearl Killing Still at Large
[Contributed reporting]

Dawn.com: The next generation

The News: Last five years
Zahid Hussain’s latest book is a painful reminder of Pakistan’s recent history

ABC Australia – Unleashed: Pakistan’s last moderate?

NYT: The Islam That Hard-Liners Hate
[Co-authored with Charlotte Buchen]

The News: Bridging a tiny geographical but huge political distance
Mohsin Hamid interview


Dawn.com: “Pardon?”

NYT: Necessity Pushes Pakistani Women Into Jobs and Peril
[Contributed reporting]

ForeignPolicy.com: Karachi Explodes in Ethnic Warfare

Dawn.com: What students are being taught about the separation of East Pakistan

OPEN Magazine: What in God’s Name is This?

Jinnah Institute: Chronology of misuse of Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan (Pages 9-18)

Express Tribune: Punking Pakistan up

NYT: Bomb Strikes Counterterror Offices in Pakistan

The News: A short story of fiction
Has the boom merely taken place in the minds of local and foreign journalists?

The News: Love, life and time travel
Charles Yu’s stunning debut is a breath of fresh air in the world of science fiction

Dawn.com: Encouraging English language fiction in Pakistan

OPEN Magazine: Persecuted in Pakistan

NYT: Political Bloodshed Paralyzes Karachi
[Contributed reporting]

Dawn.com: Hate on the Internet

NYT: Sufi Shrine in Pakistan Is Hit by a Lethal Double Bombing

NYT: NATO Supply Trucks Remain Idle in Pakistan
[Contributed reporting]

Express Tribune:“Music channels are not taste makers, they’re just going with what sells”
Q and A with Imran Malik from The Kominas

OPEN Magazine: Good News from Pakistan

Express Tribune: Granta: The global reach of Pakistani literature

Foreign Policy – AfPak Channel: The perils of reporting in Pakistan

NYT: Pakistani’s Death in London Sets Off Unrest
[co-authored with Adam Ellick]

The News: The new wave
Pakistan’s most promising, upcoming writers in one book

The New Indian Express: Aisha and the millions without an umbrella

NYT: Floods Could Have Lasting Impact for Pakistan
[Contributed reporting]

Express Tribune: Welcome to Baltistan

Guardian: Karachi riots leave 45 dead after MP assassinated
Gunmen swarm Pakistani city’s streets seeking revenge after politician Raza Haider killed in gangland-style hit [co-authored with Declan Walsh]

Express Tribune: Kingdom of Fear

Newsline: Magical Mystery Tour

The News: Of newsprint and journalists
Tom Rachman’s debut novel is a fresh insight into the lives behind a struggling paper

Foreign Policy – AfPak Channel: Illusions in Punjab

Foreign Policy – AfPak Channel: The cloud in the sky

Foreign Policy – AfPak Channel: Throwing acid on human rights

Foreign Policy – AfPak Channel: Power plays in Pakistan

The News: Scenes of Chaos
Review of Fatima Bhutto’s Songs of Blood and Sword

Foreign Policy – AfPak Channel: The million dollar question: Who killed Benazir?

The News: “I’d like to think that all the characters are facets of my persona”
Author H.M. Naqvi talks to The News on Sunday about his novel Homeboy, seekh kababs and more

Outlook India: A Memory Flows By
The river that gave India its name and Pakistan its lifeline is bone-dry

Foreign Policy – AfPak Channel: Ghosts of corruption past

The News: March Madness
The Karachi Literature Festival showcases Pakistani authors and poets with a sprinkle of international authors to jazz up the mix

Foreign Policy: The U.S and Pakistan: It’s All Talk

The News: Brash, refreshing
H. M. Naqvi invokes passion, a sense of camaraderie and nostalgia for one’s homeland in his stunning debut novel.

The News: Dial M for millennium
Steig Larsson’s trilogy is an adventure unlike none other

The News: Magic, witchcraft and ghouls
Neil Gaiman spins a fantastic tale of a child’s coming of age in the most unlikeliest of locations: a graveyard.

Newsline: The A to Z of Pakistani Politics
Politics in Pakistan can be many things: complex, frustrating, shameful, regressive . . . and the list goes on. But it is, without fail, always interesting. Here is a lighthearted look at Pakistani politics, from A to Z. [co-authored with Nadir Hassan]

Newsline: Don’t Cry for Me, Mr. Ad Man

Newsline: Food Inc.
Despite the recession, some restaurants in Karachi have managed to hold on to and gain new fans in the last year. Sadly, some have managed to alienate their customers with bad service and overpriced menus. Newsline takes a look at what some restaurants and takeout joints had to offer their customers in 2009.

The News: The Pakistani fiction odyssey
While 2009 may have seen Pakistan making the news for all the wrong reasons, the country’s authors wrote both impressive and tepid fiction books. TNS looks at the year in Pakistani English-language fiction


Newsline: The Leaky Cauldron

Newsline: The Stumbling Block

The News: Confusion and chaos
An eye-opening account of a Muslim’s internal struggles

The News: Crisis of identity
The Shanaakht Festival helped bring literary giants closer to their fans

The News: Bound by faith
Dalrymple’s Nine Lives brings to life the stories of the faithful and their search for enlightenment, peace and God

The News: A lesson in history
Jaswant Singh puts Jinnah, Gandhi and Nehru, amongst others, under the microscope in an attempt to clear the air surrounding the Partition

Newsline: Lights off, Diyas On

Newsline: Funny People

The News: Against all odds
Christopher Sandford’s new biography tries to decode the maze of contradictions that make up the charismatic Imran Khan

The News: “It’s a fallacious notion that Pakistan will cease to exist”
Nicholas Schmidle talks about his book To Live or To Perish Forever, learning Urdu and his time spent in Pakistan

The News: Aboard the Pakistani rollercoaster
To Live or To Perish Forever serves a fresh take on Pakistan

The News: No local connection
Azhar Abidi drowns a good plot line in cliches

Seminar: Against All Odds

Huffington Post: Swat Valley IDPs Continue to Suffer In Pak; Children Some Of The Worst Hit

The News: An old-fashioned world
Musharraf Ali Farooqi’s quaint tale of a widow exudes the charm of nostalgia

The News: Brevity for the soul
Two talented individuals try to help give creative minds in Pakistan a long overdue push with the ‘Life’s Too Short’ Short Story Prize

The News: In the aftermath of the Swat exodus
Playing host to migrants or refugees in every decade, it is now time for Karachi to make way for Swat refugees

The News: ‘All our dreams have been shattered’
IDPs come to Karachi hoping to rebuild the shattered fragments of their lives

The News: “My identity is that I am Pakistani and we are first class citizens here, no matter how pushed around we are.” — Sherry Rehman
There is nothing as attractive as a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. There is also nothing as impressive as a person willing to give up power but unwilling to compromise on principle. Sherry Rehman is both

The News: Devastated Lives
Fiction does not need any justifications, Nadeem Aslam demonstrates in his latest book

The News: “There are no comparisons in a writer’s life.”
[Nadeem Aslam – Interview]

The News:

Kamila Shamsie talks about her 18-month break from writing, her new book and her favourite authors

The News: The quest continues
Basharat Peer, the author of Curfewed Night, talks about Kashmir, independence and his book

The News: Introducing the muse behind Slumdog Millionaire: Vikas Swarup’s Q & A
As Slumdog Millionaire fever grips worldwide, and it picks up award after award and its share of Bollywood detractors, Instep takes a look at the book that formed the basis of the screenplay for the much-raved about film.

The News: Wonders in other rooms
For a debut novel, from a country that in this age is known more for its militancy and less for its literature, to be snapped up at the recently held Jaipur Literature Festival within hours is a remarkable feat. So who is the person behind the stunning debut novel In Other Rooms, Other Wonders.

The News: Inside the Magical World
Wonderful tales of crooked electricians and conniving servants [Review: In Other Rooms, Other Wonders]

The News: The dying art of Pakistani filmi billboards
The dying film industry combined with economic recession and technological development has made it next to impossible for Pakistani film billboard painters to make ends meet and carry on their trade that has iconic significance to south-Asian cinema.

The News: Amid books in Jaipur
A literary festival in India shows the possibilities and pleasures of dialogue and debate


The News: A search for democracy… in all the wrong places
Sabiha Sumar’s ‘subjective’ Dinner with the President leaves a bad taste in the mouth for an ‘objective’ journalist

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    We apologise for this democratic interruption. Normal martial law will be resumed shortly.

    so you support martial law or sick of this current govt?

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