An excerpt from the Guardian article:
Your honour, it’s about those Facebook photos of you at 20 …

Imagine how different it will be for the politicians of the future who are at school or university today. The bulk of them use their MySpace and Facebook entries for self-advertisement, social networking and the generally raw process of growing up and working out their identities. With the aid of these sites, they are the first generation who can tell you precisely how many ‘friends’ they have. They are also the first generation whose sexual adventures, drug taking, immature opinions and personal photographs are indelibly recorded electronically.

So this is what’s going to happen to me because I have no qualms in talking about my personal life on the internet. I’ll be running for elections, and the opposition party will have some prehistoric Facebook or Orkut scraps published and distributed as pamphlets at every street of the country.

No wonder I’ve been filled with a sense of impending doom for a month now.